Elli Sherrer


Working Out the OA Way!
The Yesterday People - Episode 5
Literal Superheroes: Wonder Woman
Trying to pitch to a Hollywood studio
Period Warriors
Hillary We Need Some Closure
Mysteries of the Sea
Sneak Peak Naked and Afraid LA
Please don't ask me to hold the door
Fitness Goals: To Get So Tiny
Sorority Spinsters
Silento Stole the Nae Nae Dance
Demand A Plan To End The Drought
The Yesterday People
What Happens When Your BFF Goes on Vacation Without You?
Star Wars Force Awakens Some Ewoks
Poo Standoff
Bruno Mars is an Annoying Roommate
If I Were A Boy
An Ant for a Superhero?
Lucius Malfoy: Problem Solver
Commercial/Sketch Reel
Hobbit Rap
Demo Reel
Improv with Ruggedly Handsome